About Me

I work heavy industrial construction, 80 hour weeks, two weeks at a time, 1500km away from home. Fun right? I wouldn't say fun, but it can be sometimes, and it pays the bills.

My hopes with this company is to create something that keeps me home, aligns with my values, and puts smiles on everyone's faces.

Currently I produce all the soap on my week off that I get every two weeks, I'd be lying if I didn't say my house smells AMAZING all the time because of it!

All my ingredients are ethically sourced and fair trade/organic when the option is available to me. You will see it noted in the ingredients section of each product.

Packaging is kept to a minimum, all my notices, flyers, wrapping, boxes etc. Are all from recycled paper. Any plastic or bubble wrap is usually leftover from my personal amazon purchases or ingredients orders.

Any questions or concerns you may have, just use the contact me page. I respond rather quickly as the emails all go to my phone.

I am always open to suggestions to improve the business and customer experience. After all, I wouldn't have a business without you!