I've tried so so many products on my face over the years from clean and clear and st. Ives to neostrata and strivectin.

NOTHING has helped me like the Warrior activated charcoal bar.

Thank you. Thank you thank you THANK YOU. I cannot WAIT to order a few big bars and take care of the rest of my skin. Seriously. THANK YOU 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛🙌
This man sells magic in bars.

Darby N. (On the "Warrior" bar)

The smell is invigorating and fresh and the colour of the bar- well good thing I knew it was soap because it looked like a well-crafted, high end piece of chocolate.

Once I added some water and suds-it-up (which gives you this fluffy, foamy soapy goodness) and put it on my face.... swoon.

Totally gentle, lightly tingly, easy to manipulate thick, gorgeous foam that I knew right away was washing even my makeup off.

Jasmine F. (On the "Warrior" bar)

I am SO impressed with these products. Everything I've tried has looked/smelled/worked amazingly for me. Vegan products are super important to me so I've tried a lot of options out there.

These bars are on par, if not better than, a lot of the established vegan brands out there in my opinion.

I have very dry/sensitive/eczema prone skin and have had no bad reactions to anything I've tried which is super rare for me when trying new products.

This really tells me that the ingredients being used are quality and carefully put together.

Aja B.

These soaps are fantastic. I use the Warrior soap on my face and I've noticed it's less oily than it was before , but its not over drying either , I love it! I also use the coconut soap on my body as I have very dry hands and legs, and I'm finding my skin is less dry than it was before , so I'm not using as much lotion, WIN-WIN 

Dianne C.
Luscious Lavender french pink clay soap, Eastern Gold lemongrass and turmeric soap, Warrior peppermint and tea tree activated charcoal facial cleansing and body bar.

100% Vegan friendly and palm oil free.

You have values, you shouldn't have to give those up for ANY reason. I make the choice to source ethical, fair trade, and organic products so you don't have to.

Every product description will tell you what is in each product, whether it's organic, fair trade, or both. I do not use animal products in ANY of my products, so YOU can shop with confidence.

Ditch regular soap!

Does using bar soap usually make your skin feel dryer than Dad jokes at a summer BBQ?

You don't want to feel like you just trekked the Mojave desert after you wash your hands or get out of the shower right?

Premium bars will help you feel less like Velcro and more like silk! 

Warrior peppermint and tea tree activated charcoal facial cleansing and body bar, Luscious Lavender french pink clay soap, Eastern Gold lemongrass and turmeric soap

100% Canadian made!

Every single bar is handmade. Located in beautiful Victoria British Columbia Canada!

Buying local is becoming increasingly important to everyone these days, so let's make sure we support our neighbors whenever we can!

All my ingredients are sourced from Canadian companies as well!


Reviews and testimonials are from real people having real experiences. However, every persons experience is subjective. I cannot substantiate any medical claims, as these are all personal experiences and results may vary. Please use discretion and understand that everyone's skin is different and everyone is going to have their own experience. Thank you for shopping with me!